We are pleased to announce that Lavie Detox & Wellness Center has been rebranded to
R3 Life Wellness Center To uplift our stem cell therapy and wellness services with more advanced medical technology and global standards to provide our customers’ satisfaction to the utmost, which is our brand core value

We are pleased to announce that
Lavie Detox & Wellness Center
has been rebranded to
R3 Life Wellness Center
To uplift our stem cell therapy and wellness services with more advanced medical technology and global standards to provide
our customers’ satisfaction to the utmost,
which is our brand core value

Laboratory Tests

Our Services : Health Checkup

Laboratory Tests

We offer laboratory tests to analyze the current state of your health. The check up results enable our doctors to determine the appropriate treatments based on your situation. The following are our most common lab tests, however if you require any specific lab tests not shown below you are most welcome to make an inquiry with our doctors or consultants.

Full Health Check-up Program

The fatigue and pollution could have diminished the efficiency and immunity of the body that has continuously been working. A thorough check-up will help you realize how effective the body system performs. The check-up result will show a possibility of illnesses caused by hidden diseases. Our center provides you with many alternative programs. These are as follows:

Epigenetic Check Up

Epigenetic Check Up is to check the balance of the body such as lack of vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, various types of fat in the body. Whether there is enough or not including whether the body has accumulated toxins, frequency waves or infections.
By examining about 3 hair roots from the back of the neck and put in the transmitter connected to Germany and read various abnormal values by using different frequency principles in each substance to interpret and report the results back to Thailand.
Epigenetic Check Up is a way to prevent the lack of vitamins and minerals including guideline for further health.

Micronutrients Profile

Each nutrient has a significant role in the function of bodily cells. When the body receives insufficient nutrient, cells would be dysfunction. This causes illnesses and diseases. However, if we know what nutrient our body lacks, we can plan for a healthier life in the future.

Micronutrient testing can help you learn more about the level of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Test results will assist in adjusting and modifying the supplements to ensure that you receive proper and necessary nutrients in the right amount.

Allergy Screening Test (IgE 71 Types)

The body’s immune system plays a significant role in recognizing and memorizing the threatening invasion of foreign substances such as bacteria and viruses that will harm our body. It will react in response to exposure from these foreign substances. An allergy refers to a reaction by our immune system in response to proteins or allergens. No response occurs in non-allergic individuals. When an allergic individual comes in contact with an allergen, the immune system mounts a response through IgE antibody which stimulates the release of Histamin at tissue levels such as skin, lung, nose, and bowel causing inflammation of organs. The most common forms of allergies can be allergic urticaria or hive, nasal congestion, asthma or sometimes may cause a severe form of life-threatening reaction.

Allergy Screening Test is the test to analyze 71 types of IgE antibody to show how the immune system reacts to particular allergen.

Food Intolerance Test

It is important to note that food intolerance is different from food allergy. It is less acute and less obvious in its clinical presentation. The Food Intolerance is often more difficult to diagnose than allergy as it will steadily accumulate in the body until inflammation occurs. It is associated with impact on the strength of the muscles, joints and spines, skin, digestive system, respiratory system and nervous system.

One of the less-known causes of food intolerance is ?leaky gut syndrome, possibly caused by the increased intestinal permeability or intestinal hyperpermeability. The gut can be damaged either by unhealthy and contaminated food, or by other factors such as stress, bacteria, parasite, bad chewing habit, and etc. It will loosen the gap between cells in the intestinal wall lining, hence the undigested molecules and foreign substances can leak into the bloodstream. The body would need to build the immune complex to eliminate these substances. However, when the immune complex is over-produced for the liver to dispose, the bodily system will produce more white blood cells (leukocytes) to assist in the elimination process. As a result, the organ will also be damaged or so called “autoimmune disease”.

Food Intolerance Test is the first step to help you avoid potential toxins in the food and to prevent the onset of illnesses with proper diet plans.

Nutri Check Up

Due to the advanced medical innovation for most efficient health care, Nutri Check Up shows the individual’s genetic result for the individual’s personalized dietetic and nutritious balance plans. It helps you understand your digestive system and select a right diet. Each individual has a different genetic code which results in different nutrient requirements, including different needs of supplements. This includes the opportunity to take personalized nutrition in the management of chronic diseases such as metabolic problem, which may cause impacts on many organs in the body that leads to a higher risk of coronary heart disease and diabetes.

Nutri Check Up is to show you how to optimize your health by identifying proper food and nutrition to improve your consumption, lifestyle and exercises. It helps to identify what kind of exercises would be proper for you for the most efficient result aligned to your individual?s genetic make-up.

Nutri Check Up is the answer for those who want to be healthy internally and have a healthy toned body.

Genomic Testing for Cancer (การตรวจมะเร็งระดับพันธุกรรม)

DNA is the repository of genetic information of living organisms. Genomic Testing for Cancer, which is a genetic disease, is necessary to examine the abnormality or damage of the DNA. If the defective DNA cannot be repaired and mutated beyond control, cells become cancerous.

The Genomic Testing for Cancer is an in-depth test to help you avoid risks and factors leading to cancer development. Although the cell is at the incubation stage and is not yet cancerous, the abnormality of the gene can be detected. So is it for those under stress, because of excessive level of antioxidant, or for those under the condition of which cells are damaged by the antioxidant. Hence, the earlier the stage it is detected, the greater is the possibility of the cure.

Gene Test

Gene Test for Carrier Status can detect variations in more than 76 types of genetic diseases e.g. Beta-thalassemia, hearing loss, Hemochromatosis, and Diabetes in childhood. This is encouraged in relation to family and pregnancy planning, to reduce a risk of genetic heredity.

Drug Response or Dose Response can detect genetic variations in more than 11 types of drugs, e.g. Caffeine, Contraceptives, Cardiovascular, Hypolipidemic agent, and etc., to see bodily responses to drugs in order to replace or reduce the dose for most effective treatment. As a result, the risk of drug overdose that may increase the possibility of harmful disease complications in the future, can be diminished.

Health Condition is to identify risks of complex diseases which can be detected for more than 24 types e.g. Heart disease, Breast cancer, Colorectal cancer, Alzheimer?s disease, Parkinson?s disease, Ulcerative colitis, Coronary artery disease, and Hypersensitivity. It helps to decrease risks of illnesses by providing you with health care and illness prevention planning, rather than treatment.

Telomere Test (ตรวจวัดความยาวเทโลเมียร์)

Chromosome is a repository of genetic information of an individual which controls and transmit information related to the genes of living organisms such as complexion, eye color and hair color. Every human cell has 46 chromosomes: 23 chromosomes from the mother and 23 chromosomes from the father. The protective structure is located at the tip of each chromosome, called telomere. It is comparable to a lace that at the end there is a plastic strap to prevent fraying of the rope. So is a telomere for the chromosome, to protect genes within the chromosome.

Telomeres shorten as a person gets older. However, if it becomes too short, it can no longer be divided. This will cause the deterioration of cells, bodily organs and aging, including greater possibilities of illnesses. By analyzing the length of the telomere individuals may gain insights into their health, lifespan and susceptibility to diseases, such as cancer and Alzheimer’s.

The maximum length of the telomere is during the stage of fetus or embryo with approximately 15,000 base-pairs, whereas it decreases to 10,000 base-pairs at birth and 8,000 base-pairs at the age of 20 years, while by the age of 50 years it will reduce to about 7,000 base-pairs. It will gradually decrease at 50-100 base-pairs each year until there are only 4,000 base-pairs at the age of 100 years.

Telomere Test intends to reveal a person’s biological age. If it is discovered that the telomere is shorter than the average, we have a way either to increase the length of telomere, or decelerate the shortening of it.

NK Cell Test (Natural Killer Cell Test)

Each day there are abnormal cells developing in the body; although, a person appears to be healthy. But because the body has an effective immune system, it is able to detect and destroy defective cells containing malfunctions, so we still live our life free from diseases. However, there are more patients suffering from cancer each year, due to several reasons such as genetics, stress, lifestyle, including the impact of the environment and carcinogens in daily life. When the immune system weakens, the defective cells would increase with the possibility to develop into cancer eventually.

There are many methods of cancer treatments, including surgery, radiation and chemotherapy. However, after the treatment, cancer can still be found as it may spread into other organs or return, given that traditional treatments cannot completely kill cancer cells.

Immunotherapy developed in Japan is designed to culture leukocyte, Natural Killer Cells (NK Cells) type, from the patient’s own blood and stimulate it more efficiently to destroy cancer cells. The NK Cells will be injected into the body at the target cancer cells without damaging other good cells. This is a good alternative treatment to reduce the possibility of the return of cancer cells as Immunotherapy is designed to boost the body’s natural defenses – the patient’s own cells to fight the cancer. Patients will not suffer from the pain or any serious side effect during the treatment. The patient’s quality of life will improve.


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